Activities To Boost Reading Comprehension

Reader Rabbit's Reading Ages 4-6
Reading, thinking and writing into a whole new kingdom of fun and adventure!
Avanquest Software
Gre Bible
Be ready for the test: sharpen your skills and get the practice you need.
Pellucid Learning Systems
Reading Readiness
Reading Readiness help children learn to read quickly with good comprehension.
School Zone Publishing Co.

Activities to Boost Reading Comprehension

Reading Blaster Ages 9-12
Reading Blaster Ages 9-12 sharpen reading comprehension skills.
Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
Provides actionable data on students' reading levels and growth over time.
Scholastic, Inc.
Spotlight on Reading & Listening Comprehension Level
LinguiSystems, Inc.
Spotlight on Reading & Listening Comprehension Level 2
LinguiSystems, Inc.
Daily Reading Comprehension
Attainment Company, Inc
Find activities with professional-looking graphics.
Maestro Learning Inc.

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Activities to Boost Reading Comprehension

Mind Benders B1 & B2
Develops reading comprehension, logic, and problem solving.
Critical Thinking Books & Software
1st Grade Reading
Practice reading, comprehension, spelling, sentence construction.
Selectsoft Publishing
Island Reading Journey
Reading comprehension program.
Sunburst Technology, Inc.
Capture the Flag - A Reading Comprehension Game
Can you race through a medieval maze to capture the flags?
Lakeshore Learning Materials
Comprehension Booster
It can improve reading and listening comprehension skills.
Lucid Research Ltd.
Stories for Writing - Age 5-6
Helps to improve children's storytelling, reading comprehension and writing.
Oxford University Press
7 Speed Reading 2013
It is designed to increase your reading speed and your comprehension.
eReflect Software
Can Do Reading Game Show Comprehension
Lakeshore Learning Materials
7 Speed Reading EX
Improve your reading speed and comprehension with various exercises.
eReflect Software